Creative Brief

This document provides a brief description of the project. It outlines the objectives, audience, and assumptions for the project and details the creative concept the team intends to use moving forward.

Project Details
Date: February 2, 2018
Prepared by: Andrea Goulet
Project name: Poshmark App Redesign

Project Concept
To redesign the Poshmark app focusing on usability, organization, flow, and a modern brand update catered towards thrifty, fashionable, and savvy shoppers. This design will focus on simplifying and increasing user experience to increase sales and attract more users to the app.

Business Objectives
The goal for this app redesign is to increase commerce and customer sales by redesigning the way customers interact with the app. This redesign should focus on customization and ease of navigation for the user to increase customers potential for sales, attract new members to the app, and better promote individual customer content.

User Value Proposition / Benefits
The benefits of this redesign will be increased traffic through the Poshmark app, increase in sales and a brand redesign that attracts the target audience and speaks to the brand’s mission and identity.

UI Considerations

The redesign should achieve cleaner interface that organizes and categorizes items for the user, making it easier and simpler for them to find clothing that fit their needs. By reorganizing the way users see items in their feed and paying close attention to their trends, search history, and interests Poshmark could cater more to the users and increase the chances for sales over the competition.

The app will feature a simple to navigate UI. A hot menu will allow user profiles to be viewed with one touch for editing and uploading images, exploring other users’ shops, and viewing their personal digital storefront.
 The built-in social media feature that allows users to follow other users and monitor their feed will be transformed to notify followers only when items that fit their profile specifications are listed.
 The current layout which features many images in a variety of layouts such as blocks and grids will be simplified to a layout that user chooses ( ex. 1 column, 2 column, etc.) with the default layout being one column.
 Shopping categories will be simplified with the ability for the user to expand search criteria at their discretion. There will be a default setting that displays items based on the individual’s profile sizes.
 Users will be allowed to pick their three favorite items that they have listed and those will appear at the top of their store to promote more views and the likelihood of sales.

The major audience for Poshmark is college educated females ranging in age from 18 – 30. They are either part-time or full-time workers, but typically full-time students. They do not make much money so shopping on a budget is a priority for them. If they don’t still live at home with their parents they live at college or with roommates.

Females aged 30 – 50 also use the app. In this category, there is a mixture of career working females and stay at home mothers with children.

– The single career professionals are looking to either sell their clothes for cash or to find luxury and higher-end items at a discount. They will typically view the app from their cellphone or their work computer for about 30 minutes a day.
– The mothers with children either work part-time or work at home. Their primary focus is to either sell their kids clothing for cash or to shop for clothing for their kids at a discount. They will spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the Poshmark app either from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

There is a smaller audience of males using the app. Both college and working professional males are included. They might not spend as much time shopping for clothing as they will sell their items on the app. They will be more likely to use their cellphone for easy, quick access to their profile for posting photos and receiving notifications when they make a sale.

Assumptions and Research
About 85% of the users of the app are college educated females located in the United States. With over 3 million sellers, Poshmark app users spend on average 30 minutes browsing the app each day.

There are some people who use the app for making sales and not as much for shopping. For this reason, it is important that the app is easy to use for posting new items and for people to find those items.

With a redesign, the amount of time spent on the app by each user should increase and the potential for sales will also increase. By catering each user’s feed to their particular style, size, click, and search habits the usability and experience of the user will increase.

Competitive Landscape
There are many other clothing consignment apps and websites online – but none of them offer 80% of the profit to the seller. In fact, most clothing consignment e-commerce sights offer cents for articles of clothing that could be sold for much, much more.

Poshmark has an advantage over the competition by empowering their users and putting the majority of the sale profits in their hands. This is a defining feature that should be capitalized with an enhanced user experience.

The one area that Poshmark could improve would be increasing the probability of sales for customers. Other e-commerce thrift shops offer cash up front for their customers’ clothing. This type of instant gratification allows the users of these sites and applications to have a good experience more quickly. This positive experience turns into a positive view of these companies and will increase sales and bring word of mouth customers. Because users have to wait for a sale to be made before they see the benefits of using Poshmark, they might lose interest or not value the app as highly as other competitors.